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Auto Accidents in Davenport, Rock Island County and Moline Areas

Being involved in a serious auto accident is bad enough. But the legal issues that follow can be overwhelming.  There are medical expenses, lost wages, and property to replace.  And, you discover it is up to you to prove that the other party’s negligence caused your accident and the resulting injuries.  A qualified and experienced lawyer from Katz Nowinski P.C. can help you through the aftermath of an auto accident.

Learn more about how a Davenport car accident attorney can help, and be aware of common injuries from accidents that often require legal action to recieve reimbersment for the large medical bills.  Finally, read below and consider the following reasons why you should seek our expertise after an auto accident before pursuing a Rock Island County personal injury lawsuit.

Davenport car accidents

Knowing your rights

As much as the law indicates the burden of proof is on you to prove negligence, the law also protects your rights to be compensated for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering.  However, the process to settlement can be uncertain when you face it alone.  A lawyer from our Rock Island County personal injury law firm will fight for your rights and the compensation you deserve.

Knowing the law

Illinois civil and personal injury laws in Rock Island County and Moline areas are lengthy and complicated—from statutes on filing to negligence and burden of proof to evidence, trial, and post-trial judgments.  The laws and how they are interpreted—referred to as Common Law—determine whether lawsuits are won or lost.  A Davenport auto accident lawyer from our firm knows the intricacies of Illinois statutes and laws and how to apply them to your case.  Our qualified auto accident attorneys in Davenport develop the legal arguments to support your position and substantiate your claim.

Resources and experience for a stronger case

Our Davenport auto accident lawyers have extensive experience in accident law and are well-seasoned in handling an auto accident lawsuit in Davenport and the surrounding areas.   We utilize a network of experts, including medical professionals and reconstruction specialists, to support your case.  We also incorporate the latest technology from onsite libraries and databases to build a strong foundation for your case.

With solid experience comes tenacity in negotiations.  Most Davenport automobile accident cases settle out of court.  Our dedicated Rock Island County personal injury attorneys know how to negotiate larger settlements with opposing counsel and insurance company representatives.  Our negotiating skills and familiarity with the legal community save you time and money.

Working with our firm, you can relax after a Davenport auto accident knowing that we will handle every aspect of your case, including communication with opposing parties, settlement negotiations, red tape, and court filings.  Our Rock Island County injury lawyers are committed to advocating for your rights.

Contact Us for Help After an Automobile Accident in Davenport, Rock Island County & Moline Areas

An auto accident in Davenport may only last a few seconds, but the legal issues could become a nightmare that lasts for years.  We can help you through it.  At Katz Nowinski P.C., we fully analyze your issues and concerns, answer your questions, and provide a no-nonsense recommendation for your best course of action.  We offer a free initial consultation for personal injury clients, and you pay no fees unless we recover compensation for you.  Call us at (309) 797-3000 or contact us online.


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